What is CloudQast?

CloudQast is an on-line application that enables you to communicate more effectively and personally with your internal and external clients or audience.


The communication is by way of short, easily created and uploaded video which we allow your users to access via their computer and mobile devices.


Effective because CloudQast is:



What does CloudQast look like?

It is customised to look as you wish.

We imagine most clients will wish CloudQast to be branded as their site.

For some organisations, however, the site could be branded with our hummingbird and CloudQast logo and the name of the client organisation.


CloudQast is provided by Zaviour Ltd. For more information please contact Damian Gaskin, Director, CloudQast, (m) +44 7939 244554 (l) +44 207 127 0614

For more information please contact Damian Gaskin 07939 244554

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